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Roller Shutters Questions

1. How much does it cost to install roller shutters?

The cost of Roller Shutters in Australia varies based on several factors and specific project needs, making it challenging to provide a fixed price.

When you first contact us, we’ll arrange a convenient time to visit your home.

We’ll discuss your needs, measure the area, and provide an accurate quote tailored to your preferences.

Each project is designed to meet your individual needs, lifestyle, and budget, ensuring a unique product for your home.

Unlike some competitors, we do not add hidden costs after giving an initial quote.

For detailed pricing, visit the Roller Shutters Cost Guide.

2. How long does it take to install roller shutters?

The installation time for Roller Shutters typically depends on the number and size of shutters being installed. A professional installation can usually be completed in a few hours per shutter.

3. How do you clean roller shutters?

Cleaning your roller shutters is a breeze! Just use some mild soap, water, and a soft cloth. For more detailed tips, check out this guide.

4. Do roller shutters reduce noise?

Absolutely! Roller Shutters can significantly reduce outside noise, making your home much quieter. Learn more about it here.

5. Do roller shutters reduce heat?

Yes, they do! Roller Shutters add an extra layer of insulation, keeping your home cooler during those hot summer days. For more info, have a look here.

Outdoor Blinds Questions

1. How much do motorized outdoor blinds cost?

The cost can vary depending on the size and features, but for a detailed breakdown, you can check out our cost guide for motorized outdoor blinds.

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll measure the area for free. We’ll then provide an accurate quote tailored to your preferences.

2. How to clean mould off outdoor blinds?

Outdoor Roller Blinds are an excellent addition to any home or business. With proper maintenance and cleaning, their lifespan can be extended significantly. Outdoor fabrics are susceptible to general markings and mould, but addressing these issues promptly will minimize staining and fabric degradation.

Cleaning mould off outdoor blinds involves using a mixture of mild detergent and water. For more tips, see our cleaning guide for outdoor blinds.

3. How to fix outdoor roller blinds?

Most people don’t realize how simple troubleshooting and repairing roll-up outdoor shades is. In fact, 99% of the time, you can fix them without spending any money. Here are some common issues and their solutions:

Step 1 – Rolling Tension Too Tight
If the tension is too tight, adjust the internal spring by unrolling the shades halfway and replacing them in the brackets. Test the tension and repeat if necessary.

Step 2 – Rolling Tension Too Loose
If the shades are too loose, pull them down halfway, remove them, and manually roll them back up. Reinstall and test, repeating if needed.

Step 3 – Shades Won’t Roll Up
When shades won’t roll up, follow the steps for loosening the tension. If still problematic, unroll halfway, turn the stationary pin with pliers, and adjust the ratchet and pawl connection.

Step 4 – Wobbly Shades
This often results from a bent stationary pin. Fix by removing the shades, straightening the pin with pliers, and reinstalling.

Step 5 – More Extensive Problems
For more severe issues, contact us at 08 8250 5163 or send a message. Inspect and attempt repairs, but be cautious of causing further damage that might require replacement.

For step-by-step instructions, visit our repair guide for outdoor blinds.

4. What are the best outdoor blinds?

To create the perfect outdoor space, Open N Shut offers a variety of PVC and mesh Outdoor Blinds. Often referred to as Café Blinds, Alfresco blinds, or Patio blinds, these products serve the same purpose. Bargains Shutters and Blinds provides Ziptrack blinds that deliver excellent shade and weather protection without the need for ropes or pulleys, enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor area. With options in PVC or high-tech mesh fabrics, their outdoor blinds are made from high-quality, UV-stabilised materials, ensuring comfort, style, and year-round usability in the harsh Australian climate.

The best outdoor blinds depend on your specific needs, such as weather resistance or ease of use. Learn more about our top picks in this best outdoor blinds guide.

5. How to install outdoor blinds?

At Open N Shut, installation is on us! If you’ve purchased Outdoor Blinds from us, the installation comes free of charge. Don’t hesitate to reach out via message or give us a call at 08 8250 5163 for any queries or assistance you may need. We’re here to assist you!

Installing outdoor blinds can be a straightforward process if you follow the right steps. Check out our installation guide for detailed instructions.

Roller Blinds Questions

1. How much do Roller Blinds cost?

The price of Roller Blinds will depend on many factors. 

Thanks to a direct relationship with Australian manufacturers, our Roller Blinds will offer discounts that no other company canSend us a message and let’s talk about what you are after, then we will measure the area for FREE and come up with an accurate quote based on your preferences.

For a detailed cost analysis, see our roller blinds cost guide.

2. How to clean Roller Blinds?

Cleaning roller blinds involves dusting and occasional wiping with a damp cloth. Detailed cleaning tips can be found in our cleaning guide.

3. How to remove Roller Blinds?

Removing blind 1

1. Roll the blind up completely by pulling the chain tension device. This action facilitates easier handling and storage once the blind is detached. In case the blinds are malfunctioning and cannot be rolled up, manually rotate the blind spool counterclockwise (when viewed from the right) until it’s fully rolled up. The spool refers to the cylindrical bar around which the fabric wraps, akin to the holder for a roll of tape.

Remove blind 2

2. Unscrew the lower chain safety clip. This clip, situated around ¾ of the way down the blind, serves as the attachment point for the chain pulley on the wall. Insert a screwdriver into the screw head and turn it leftward to loosen and remove the screw. This step can be skipped if your blinds lack a pulley chain.

Remove blind 3.

3. Identify the safety clamp or disc on one side of the roller. Typically, standard roller blinds feature brackets on both ends to secure the roller. One bracket houses a post that supports the roller, while the other holds a safety clamp. You might need a step ladder to access the brackets, starting with the right and then the left side if necessary. If your outside-mounted blinds have bracket covers, pull them towards you to reveal the side with the clamp.

Remove blind 4.

4. Release the clamp on the mounting bracket. Once you’ve located the bracket with the clamp, shaped like the letter “C,” lift it upward. This action allows the spool on that end of the roller to be removed from its slot. In the absence of a clamp, your blinds may feature a serrated disc on one end, usually opposite the chain drive. Rotate this disc upward until you hear a click to disengage the blind from the bracket.

Remove blind 5.

5. Remove the roller from both brackets. Each bracket secures the roller in place with a slot. Start by lifting the side of the roller with the clamp out of its slot, then lift the roller from the opposite side bracket. If one end of the roller is spring-loaded and requires slight inward pressure toward the bracket, remove that end first. Depending on the bracket type, you may need to slightly slide the blind sideways to release it from the brackets.

For more detailed instructions, visit our removal guide.

4. How to install Roller Blinds?
  1. Decide where to place the chain. Assess your space and determine which side of the blind you want the chain to hang on. Most roller blinds allow for changing the chain’s position. For instance, if there’s a chair to the left of the window, you might prefer the chain on the left for easier access.
  2. Determine the blind’s rolling direction. The blind can roll either under or over the roller. Typically, blinds are positioned to roll under the roller. However, if there are objects protruding from the window, you might choose to roll the blind over the roller to avoid obstructions when pulling it down.
  3. Secure the brackets. Use a hand drill to tightly secure the brackets that come with the roller blind, ensuring they are firmly attached to prevent the blind from falling. Follow the instruction manual specific to your Bargains Shutters and Blinds roller blind, as each model may vary slightly.
  4. Trim the blind to fit the space. If the blind is too large, remove it from the roller and measure the excess that needs to be cut. Mark a vertical line on the blind’s fabric with a pencil and cut along this line. Reattach the trimmed fabric to the roller. Double-check your measurements before cutting. Ensure the fabric is attached perfectly horizontally to the roller to avoid issues with rolling.
  5. Install the blind on the brackets. Fit the blind into the secured brackets, following the specific installation instructions provided with your Bargains Shutters and Blinds roller blind.
  6. Attach the chain to the wall. Use the provided screws and a hand drill to secure the chain to the wall. If the chain hangs loosely beside the blind, securing it may not be necessary.

Installing roller blinds is easy with the right tools. Follow our installation guide for step-by-step instructions.

5. How to fix a chain on a Roller Blind?

Fixing a roller blind chain can often be done with a few simple adjustments. For detailed steps, see our repair guide.

Plantation Shutters Questions

1. How much are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are typically priced according to the window size and the cost per square meter. The total price also depends on the shutters’ style, material, and installation method. Whether you purchase online or from a physical store will affect the overall cost.

Physical stores with showrooms, sales staff, and installation services often have higher prices due to additional expenses. At Bargains Shutters & Blinds, we eliminate these extra costs and pass the savings on to you, offering affordable plantation shutters. Contact us now at 08 8250 5163 or send us a message.

For a detailed cost breakdown, visit our cost guide.

2. How to clean Plantation Shutters?

Cleaning plantation shutters is simple with regular dusting and occasional wiping. For more cleaning tips, see our cleaning guide.

3. Do Plantation Shutters block out light?

Yes, plantation shutters can effectively block out light when closed. Learn more about their light-blocking capabilities in this post.

4. How to install Plantation Shutters?

Installing plantation shutters can be done with some basic tools. Follow our installation guide for step-by-step instructions.

5. What is the best material for plantation shutters?

The best material depends on your needs, such as durability or aesthetics. For more insights, read our material guide.

Security Doors Questions

1. What are the benefits of installing security doors?

Security doors offer enhanced safety, peace of mind, and can even add value to your home. Discover all the benefits in this post.

2. What types of security doors does Open N Shut offer?

We offer a variety of security doors to meet different needs. Learn more about our offerings here.

3. Are your security doors custom-made?

Yes, we offer custom-made security doors to fit your specific requirements. For more details, see our custom solutions.

4. How long does it take to install a security door?

Installation time can vary, but it typically takes a few hours. For more information, check our installation guide.

5. Can security doors be installed on any type of door frame?

Yes, our security doors can be fitted to most door frames. Learn more about compatibility here.

Blackout Blinds Questions

1. What are blackout blinds?

Blackout blinds are designed to block out all light, ideal for bedrooms or media rooms. Learn more here.

2. What are the benefits of blackout blinds?

They offer complete light control, enhance privacy, and can improve energy efficiency. Discover more benefits here.

3. Are blackout blinds suitable for all windows?

Yes, blackout blinds can be fitted to most windows. For more information, see our compatibility guide.

4. How do blackout blinds differ from regular blinds?

Blackout blinds provide full light blockage, while regular blinds offer partial light control. Learn more about the differences here.

5. How do I clean and maintain blackout blinds?

Cleaning blackout blinds is easy with regular dusting and occasional wiping. For maintenance tips, check out our cleaning guide.