When it comes to protecting your family and home against crime and insecurity we know you want the best. That’s why Open N Shut security doors and screens are one of the best options to accomplish this. Keep reading to find out more.

Facts about security doors:

Security doors are a great addition to your home without compromising its look and style. Nowadays, different types of security doors are effective and attractive for all parts of the house. 

One of the benefits of having custom-made security doors from Open N Shut is that they are not only functional, but you can also choose from a beautiful range of patterns and designs to match your home style. 


Security door materials can be steel, mesh or aluminium. Let’s check the main properties of each one of these options:

  • Invsi-gard security doors: Australia’s premier Stainless Steel Security door utilizes materials of the highest quality to ensure maximum security and great looks with low maintenance for many years.
  • X-Gard: Thanks to its privacy mesh, these security doors offer not only the ultimate privacy but also stop rainwater from entering the house. 
  • Alu-Gard: This security door is made from a strong aluminium sheet, which makes it extremely resistant to corrosion, and provides clarity of vision.
Security Door Adelaide
Security doors come in beautiful patterns and designs to match your home style.

Benefits of security doors:

The main benefit of this product is that it will increase the security levels of your home, which will give you peace of mind at all times. They are made from materials like metal or iron, making the door frames strong and durable. 

In the case of commercial premises, mesh security doors are a great addition to protect your business from thieves. In fact, having security doors installed will decrease the chances of being targeted too. 

Other benefits of the security doors are:

  • They will increase your house privacy, as people from outside won’t be able to see what’s happening inside your home.
  • You will have natural light and fresh air coming into your home
  • Boosted comfort

Does my home really need a security door?

It is a fact that security rates have changed over the last few years, and even though South Australia is not the most insecure estate in Australia, the SA crime rates have increased by 12% in 2022 compared to 2021.

Said that, and keeping in mind your very own concerns, investing in security doors can be worth the cost. Contact us today and request your FREE consultation and quote for the best security doors in Adelaide and South Australia.