If you are considering installing outdoor roller shutters for your home, you might also be interested in some of their features and the costs involved. Keep reading to find out more about it:

Roller shutters: what are they?

Roller shutters also known as security shutters are basically horizontal aligned slats hinged together that are installed above a window and can be rolled down and up to protect and cover a window.

Modern roller shutters are usually made from materials such as aluminium or steel, being the first one the most favourable for domestic use due to aluminium shutters being easier and lighter to handle than steel ones.

Moreover, each security roller shutter slat contains layers of foam with specific properties that let the roller shutters block the heat in the summer and trap the heat during the cold months.

Roller shutters can be operated manually or with a motorised assembly that can run on either mains current or battery.

Benefits of Roller shutters:


One of the main benefits of roller shutters is they can save up to 30% on your heating and cooling bills all year round and help make your home more energy-efficient. Roller shutters in Adelaide can keep the intense Australian heat out in summer and trap the heat during winter.

Noise Reduction:

Roller shutters Perth have been found to absorb up to 50% of noise to make your home environment much more comfortable, so if you live by a busy road or close to a school or airport, window roller shutters can help with noise reduction.

At the same time, if you have newborns who sleep during the day or if you are a shift worker, roller window shutters are a great solution to isolate the noise coming from the street and will turn the room totally dark for better sleep and rest.


It is one of the most important benefits of roller shutters and one of the main reasons why people decide to get them for their homes.

Roller shutters give added security to the house; they protect the windows and prevent them from becoming a point of entry to a potential burglar. Some people have roller shutters for this reason alone. It would take time, effort and noise for a potential burglar to get in through one of our roller shutters

If you feel the windows are a vulnerable part of your home, consider roller shutters for peace of mind.

Protection against weather elements:

Roller shutters provide excellent UV protection to prevent carpets and furniture from fading. At the same time, they provide added security from the elements during severe storms and high winds.

Moreover, they can prevent the windows and doors from rattling. They are also helpful in reducing draughts and offering protection from flying objects.

At Open ‘N’ Shut, our bushfire-rated roller shutters provide essential protection for your home in the event of a bushfire.

Roller Shutters give added security to the house

How much do security roller shutters cost?

Roller shutters vary in price depending on the quality of the product and its components. Other factors will influence their final price like width, height, and areas where the shutters will be installed.

Usually, a roller shutter might cost between $800 and up to $3000 per shutter. However, you can request your free quote and measurement with us today to know the final price of your next security roller shutters.

At Open ‘ N’ Shut, we guarantee the best price in Adelaide and Perth against any other quote. Moreover, for those who qualify, we offer an extended payment plan with interest-free financing.

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