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Why Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters will keep your home cool in the summer, avoiding those high air conditioning costs. Whilst also keeping heat in during the winter.

A very versatile product that people are completely unaware of these very useful benefits.

By stopping sunlight coming through the window it can stop your home heating up dramatically, as when sunlight passes through the window it radiates and causes ongoing rapidly rising temperatures. (Much like you experience in a car on a sunny day)

By rolling down the shutters you block the light and the heat, meaning you do not have to have your air conditioning on. Saving a lot of energy and money in the process.

During the winter time you heat your home and have the shutters down to trap the heat in and stop it escaping out the windows.

Being insulated with specialist foam, the shutters provide a good amount of insulation, and gives you better climate control over your whole home.

Roller shutters are also relatively inexpensive and a great investment for any home. Having them on a rented property can also be a good idea and something landlords know a lot about. The saving on energy the tenant can experience is enough to keep them happy at the lower energy bills during the summer and keeping the home warmer in the winter.

You also have the huge added benefit of security, which is the primary use of roller shutters. Without shutters on the window, a thief can easily break in through the window. With a shutter on the window it is no longer an entry point for the criminal and by having security doors, they are going to have an impossible task of breaking in. Especially useful if you are going away on holiday for a few weeks or leaving a property unattended.

The peace of mind that goes with roller shutters is unmatched with other home climate control appliances and security products. So no wonder shutters are selling so quickly in Australia.

If you would like to learn more about shutters and how much they might cost for your home you can simply call and we will come out and measure your windows. We can have them measured up, made and installed on your window in less than 7 days if you need them quickly at no extra cost.

Being a manufacturer of roller shutters means we can turnaround shutters very quickly. The cutting process is usually very lengthy, but running a manufacturing area within our workshop means we can pass these financial savings and time savings onto our customers, which is completely unheard of by any of our competitors.

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Just had some more roller shutters fitted. As usual great service, great price and great roller shutters. Love your work, and highly recommend these guys. Thanks Mark, look forward to my next instalment later in the year.
Caprice Martin

Adelaide, SA

Liam and the team were professional and fast. The commercial shutters look incredible. The service has exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t have asked for more! Thanks Liam!
Maryanna Sourbis

Adelaide, SA

Thanks again Liam for the second install, thanks to Cam also, & your wife for the gift. I am very pleased with our new shutters!
Mark Pyne

Adelaide, SA

These great people came and fitted roller shutters to the front of my house, a few years ago, never had a problem with their work, my daughter had them about the same time, since then she’s had more installed. We will get the rest of our house done , maybe one at a time, (we’re pensioners) have to watch the pennies
Jean Ward

Adelaide, SA