Are roller shutters good for noise reduction?

Roller shutters are a style of window or door shutter that are made up of several horizontal slats fitted into each other, allowing the shutter to be opened by raising it and closed by lowering it. These shutters can be opened and closed easily by hand or using an electronic remote control, depending on the size and style of roller shutter.

Not only are these shutters exceptionally easy to install and use, but they are also long lasting, weatherproof and can drastically improve noise reduction in the property.

It is becoming increasingly common for a home or property to be perfect in every way apart from one, the noisy neighbours.

It can be incredibly frustrating for a resident to be enjoying a peaceful morning in their home only to be disturbed by the sound of a motorbike, lawnmower, or heavy traffic flooding into their ears.

This can also be an incredibly irritating issue for families with young children who need to sleep during the day.

When these children are unable to sleep due to outside noise, this adds a huge amount of stress to the lives of the parents. In addition to this, the young children may begin to cry due to a lack of sleep, ultimately adding to the noise levels in the area and creating an endless loop of noise disturbances.


Roller Shutters for Noise Reduction

Roller Shutters cover the entire window and significantly reduce noise, sunlight, increase privacy, keep warmth in or keep hot sunlight out.

In terms of reducing outside noise, roller shutters can be an excellent option due to their versatile nature and durability. For a roller shutter to effectively reduce incoming levels, it is vital that it is installed properly and securely.

This means ensuring that when the shutter is installed, any gaps between the wall and the roller box are filled with silicone sealant. Fortunately, the Roller Shutter slats that Open N Shut use are already filled with this noise reducing material, meaning that our prioduct is a lot more effective for noise reduction than other competitors.

Not only will this simple sealant reduce noise disturbances drastically, but it will also improve the insulation and heat retention of the property, creating an entirely more comfortable, peaceful, and cosy building.

The lack of outside noise penetrating the property will allow the residents to truly relax and enjoy their time. Furthermore, the roller shutter will also reduce noise being omitted from the building, therefore allowing the residents to freely chat, play music or partake in other loud activities without needing to worry about neighbours complaining about the noise levels.

Roller shutters are relatively straightforward to install in various properties, such as homes, offices, garages, and schools.

The installation process simply entails putting the shutter box in place and securing it in the chosen location as well as the winding handle if the shutter is operated by hand winding. In larger areas, roller shutters will usually be motorised or electrically controlled by remote. This makes the process of opening and closing the shutter much easier for the user as it can be done simply by the push of a button.


Open N Shut Roller Shutter Example Dark Home
Roller Shutters in Grey Colour Options

These larger shutters are still just as efficient in terms of noise reduction as smaller shutters and can even be more efficient due to the larger surface area being covered by the shutter.

It is a proven fact that a correctly installed roller shutter can reduce incoming noise levels by up to eighty percent.

Tests have found that a strong roller shutter portrays greater noise reduction against the sound of a jackhammer than a pair of high-quality noise reduction earmuffs.

This is an exceptional amount of noise reduction for something so simple and straightforward. The exact level of noise reduced by a roller shutter may vary in accordance to the style and material of the shutter itself.

For example, a high quality, motorised stainless roller shutter may offer slightly more noise reduction than a thinner aluminium shutter, however both will still keep out the majority of outside noise and most residents would not even notice a difference between the two.

Furthermore, the benefit of an electric or motorised roller shutter as opposed to a hand operated one is simply the fact that the resident has the ability to remove the disturbance of the hustle and bustle of the outside world at the push of a button.

This may be a necessary function for some individuals, while others may enjoy the physical act of rolling down the shutter themselves. Additionally, while roller shutters can reduce drastically the amount of noise penetrating a home from the outside, they can only do so much and in the event of particularly bad weather conditions, the noise of the wind and rain may still be audible from inside the property.

traffic noises image from adelaide central market

Traffic noises are ongoing and never stop, the sound can easily pass through windows without shutters

how to deal with loud dog barking

Dogs are great animals but a neighbours dog barking endlessly is enough to drive most people crazy. Roller Shutters can help significantly reduce this sound 

Although noise reduction is a major benefit of these devices, roller shutters offer more benefits than just noise resistance.

These shutters also provide a sense of privacy and security as anyone outside of the property will not be able to see the residents or anything within the property when the shutters are down.

Furthermore, the capacity to adjust the height and length of the shutters allows residents to control the amount of light coming into a building at any time, whether this is opening the shutters to let light in in the morning or closing them at night time to avoid the glare of a streetlight. The ease of installation and use of these devices is also a major benefit and makes them an incredibly attractive option for any home or property owner

In terms of soundproofing a house, it is impossible to make a property completely impenetrable by sound, however roller shutters are a vital component in making a house as noise reductant as possible.

Loud outside disturbances such as motorbikes, lawnmowers, motor traffic, or even airport noise depending on where the property is located can all be incredibly frustrating for a homeowner trying to enjoy a relaxing day in their property. With the help of roller shutters, these residents can reduce outside noise disturbances dramatically and truly make the most of the property that they have worked so hard to obtain.