Outdoor waterproof blinds that look stylish, stop the harsh Australian weather and provide countless other functional solutions for any Australian home.

Weatherproof Outdoor Blinds.

the perfect Accompaniment for any Australian home

Weatherproof outdoor blinds are a must-have accessory for any outdoor area:

You love your outdoor area, whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, play area, pergola, courtyard or balcony. You love having a place to entertain and hang out with your friends and family. But you don’t love the fact that when it rains, it’s miserable.

Our waterproof outdoor blinds are designed for performance in harsh Australian environments, so you can enjoy your outdoor setting without worrying about rain, wind or bugs. We use excellent weather and waterproof material that will never warp, fade or discolour.

The rain will run down the blind as if it is a solid surface and onto the ground, with a minimal splash coming inside the outdoor blind and into your protected zone.

Our waterproof outdoor blinds can perform in the harsh Australian environment and have superb glare-blocking technology protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays.

They also have tiny gaps that block insects passing through, which keeps insects at bay when you’re enjoying your outdoor space during the warmer months.

Sometimes a breeze can ruin your outdoor setting but with outdoor blinds, you can block the majority of the breeze flowing through your outdoor area and give you the best of being inside whilst being outside.

*Please note: our waterproof outdoor blind product is not suitable for high wind conditions and should be rolled up under these types of conditions.

20 years industry experience

20 years industry experience

20 years industry experience

Quick and free installation

20 years industry experience

100% Australian made product

20 years industry experience

free quotes and consultation

electric outdoor blinds in Adelaide

Home Automation with Weatherproof Electric Outdoor Roller Blinds

Control your blinds from your phone with electric automated outdoor blinds.

Our roller blinds have tubular motors and remote control so you can enjoy the convenience of home automation on the patio or in your garden.

Our weatherproof home automation and control of your blinds from the phone app will give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your family safe while they play outside.

Furthermore, you can also put roller blinds on a timer. They will automatically come up and down during sunlight hours.

Enhanced Privacy

Outdoor waterproof blinds can be a lifesaver for staying private outdoors.

Privacy is important for everyone, but especially for those who spend time outdoors, whether in their garden, on their patio, or the balcony. And while it might seem like a good idea to just plant some trees in your yard and call it a day, outdoor blinds give you a way better option that allows you to control your privacy as well as give you many more options from a practical point of view.

Outdoor blinds are perfect for any outdoor area where you want privacy without sacrificing the view. You can use them in gardens and patios alike, but they’re also great for beachside homes since they come in all kinds of colours and materials that match any décor! Even better, they’re waterproof and can handle the sea and salty air too!

outdoor patio blinds for privacy

The outdoor blind material will allow people on the outside to not see in whilst letting you be able to see out. A bit like how security doors/privacy screen doors operate, with enhanced privacy in your whole outdoor area, you can enjoy your garden more with outdoor blinds.


waterproof outdoor blinds FAQ

Do waterproof outdoor blinds provide Sun and UV protection?

The sun’s rays are harmful to your skin and they can also damage your furniture, walls, and other surfaces. Protect yourself and your property with outdoor blinds that keep you cool while protecting your skin from dangerous UV rays.

“Waterproof outdoor blinds are the perfect way to safeguard your furniture from fading in UV light”.

How to do an outdoor blind installation?

Firstly, leave it to the experts!

Be wary of dodgy outdoor blind installation, which can end up costing you a fortune. There are also risks of trying to do it yourself and running into problems. You’ll get the extra protection you need with minimal effort on your part.

At Open N Shut, we install outdoor blinds, roller blinds, roller shutters and plantation shutters. Moreover, our outdoor roller blind installation experts are on hand to ensure your blinds are perfectly installed.

I have insects blocking my balcony, pergola or outdoor area. What can I do?

The bugs in Australia are out of control. There are approximately 220,000 different species of insects in Australia and currently, around 86,000 species are identified in 661 families.

Why? Well, it’s a combination of things. Partly because the weather is hotter and wetter than in other parts of the world but also because Australia has more types of trees and plants than anywhere else, so there are more bugs to eat them.

When it comes to enjoying your outdoor area, you shouldn’t have to put up with annoying bugs. That’s why we offer a wide selection of weatherproof outdoor blinds that will keep them out of your way without sacrificing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

Why support our Australian-made outdoor blinds?

Why is it good to support our Australian-made products like outdoor blindsroller shuttersblackout blinds and plantation shutters?

Because you are supporting Australians’ jobs and keeping the economy strong. Moreover, as a consumer, you want to know that your product is made locally, ethically and responsibly.

That’s why Open N Shut makes our outdoor blinds here in Australia.

We believe in supporting Australian workers and creating a better future for them and their families whilst keeping transportation costs down to a minimum.

DIY Outdoor Blinds are a good idea?

Beware of doing DIY Outdoor Blinds. It’s full of pitfalls and traps which will leave you out of pocket in the long term. Our blind and shutter installation teams have been doing shutters for people week in and week out for many years and have no issues that a non-experienced person may encounter if doing it for the first time.

See our guide about this >> Why you should not just do DIY roller blinds or DIY blinds from Bunnings, Ikea, spotlight or other retailers?

Can I have weather protection all year-round with outdoor blinds?

There’s nothing like relaxing on your balcony or pergola in the sunshine, but sometimes the weather can be less than welcoming. If you live in Adelaide or Perth, you know that winter and summer can be a little unpredictable.

Outdoor blinds are perfect for protecting you from extreme weather conditions. When it’s cold, they’ll keep heat out—and when it’s hot, they’ll keep cool air in. They’re also great at blocking harmful UV rays and keeping unwanted insects out of your home.

No matter the weather you’re dealing with, our outdoor blinds are designed to give you peace of mind no matter what time of year it is.


Paul Vafiades
Paul Vafiades
7. November, 2023.
Great team from start to finish work was excellent would recommend them to anyone
Shani S
Shani S
28. October, 2023.
Open N Shut were fabulous - good price, great service, and I'm really happy with my new roller shutter and screen door. Definitely recommend.
Mathew Devine
Mathew Devine
14. September, 2023.
Wanted new roller shutters, so I contacted Open N Shut. It's really quick to get someone out to me . The person who arrived (Will) explained everything very well and I even got an EOFY discount. All were made to my requirements in SA. All were delivered and installed in no time. Highly recommended
Anthony White
Anthony White
31. August, 2023.
Great choice if you’re looking for shutters and blinds. Highly recommend. Great customer service, good workmanship and friendly people. It’s a rarity these days. They will be back to do more work in the future.
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly
17. August, 2023.
I highly recommend this fantastic family owned company! I have used them multiple times now for screen doors and blinds and have always been happy with every aspect - workmanship, price, professionalism and communication. 😊🙌
Jodie Watson
Jodie Watson
17. August, 2023.
I had Open N Shut come out and install a security screen for my front door and two roller shutters. Great service from the quote right through to installation. No mess left behind, quick turnaround and unobtrusive installation. Highly recommend. I’ll be back for my internal roller blinds 😀
Karen Squire
Karen Squire
5. August, 2023.
I had a shutter installed by Open N Shut 3 years ago, the service and product supplied I can not fault. Recently decided to install motorised black cafe blinds on the patio and another shutter on the front of the house. I again went to Open N Shut. From quoting to installing the communication, service and installation on every aspect was 10/10. Highly recommended.

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It’s easy to pay, too! We offer no-deposit, 50-months interest-free finance subject to a credit check.

Open’n’Shut supplies and installs most Australian-made shutter products within 3-5 business days. So if you need something installed on a tight timeframe, we have got you covered.

What’s more, everything we do is backed by a 5-year guarantee which covers both parts and labor!

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