Installation Services for Roller Shutters

Here at Open n Shut, we are very keen to help people who require roller shutters for their home or business. If you already have roller shutters supplied and just need help with installation then we can help. Our team of expert installers can have them on your windows very quickly.

Our team installs lots of shutters and are very experienced with all types of windows and doors, making the whole process much easier than working on your own.

With a professional roller shutter installation service you can count on us to have the shutter fit the window and very accurately placed to ensure no gaps and ensure the shutter is secure and working as it should be.

One of the more trickier problems with roller shutter installations are with manual winders, which can be fiddly to install. It is much easier to fit a remote controlled shutter yourself as there is minimum requirement to drill through the wall inside your home.

Our install service is also a very good option if you are worried about contact with others. We always aim to reduce contact with people and are trained to avoid unneccessary contact with the home. Our team can even install a shutter in your home with mains power without even having to enter your home.

Give us a call to discuss our Roller Shutter Installation services.

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Just had some more roller shutters fitted. As usual great service, great price and great roller shutters. Love your work, and highly recommend these guys. Thanks Mark, look forward to my next instalment later in the year.
Caprice Martin

Adelaide, SA

Liam and the team were professional and fast. The commercial shutters look incredible. The service has exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t have asked for more! Thanks Liam!
Maryanna Sourbis

Adelaide, SA

Thanks again Liam for the second install, thanks to Cam also, & your wife for the gift. I am very pleased with our new shutters!
Mark Pyne

Adelaide, SA

These great people came and fitted roller shutters to the front of my house, a few years ago, never had a problem with their work, my daughter had them about the same time, since then she’s had more installed. We will get the rest of our house done , maybe one at a time, (we’re pensioners) have to watch the pennies
Jean Ward

Adelaide, SA