Does your cheap roller shutter From Bunnings include install, measure and the full service that Open N Shut provide in their price?

So many people come to us for their roller shutters because to

  1. build them,
  2. put in the motor
  3. attach the roller shutter slats
  4. hook up the eletricity
  5. ensure the correct channels are selected for the wireless motor
  6. install them to the wall
  7. ensure every mm is perfectly accurate

Doing this can really take it out of you. DIY Roller Shutters are not for everyone!

Going direct to Open N Shut

  • save A LOT of time
  • stress from complex unique window fixtures
  • loss of money if measured slightly wrong

Here’s a list of reasons why Open ’N’ Shut Roller Shutters are a better choice compared to Bunnings Roller Shutters.

Value for money with Open’N’Shut Roller Shutters

Bunnings roller shutters are around $650 up to $1800. This price is a bit lower compared to the prices that Roller’N’Shutter Adelaide offers. 

However, our prices INCLUDE professional roller shutter measurement, the installation made by professionals and a minimum five years guarantee. 

So, if you think about it, with a small extra cost you will get a better product in terms of quality, customer service and definitely a lot of peace of mind, for only a small additional price you get much better value for money and peace of mind. 

And you cant give out a 5 guarantee for a replacement to yourself if it goes wrong for 5 years without it costing you. Unlike coming to us!

The wrong fit on your roller shutter can cost you a lot

Hundreds of things can go wrong if you don’t do the correct measurements for your roller shutters, and then you will have to pay more to get your roller shutters adjusted or, in the worst-case scenario, you will need to buy new ones. 

Our free-measurement quote service is the right solution to avoid these issues and save you lots of money and stress. 

Our technicians are experts in 

  • domestic roller shutters
  • commercial roller shutters
  • security roller shutters

Contact us today and get your free quote.

Can you self install roller shutters?

DIY projects can be fun, cheap and easy but sometimes get out of control. Having your roller shutters installed by one of our technicians is the easiest way to go. 

Our team installs lots of shutters and is very experienced with all types of windows and doors, making the whole process easier than working on your own.

With a professional roller shutter installation service, you can count on us to have the shutter fit the window and very accurately placed to ensure no gaps and ensure the shutter is secure and working as it should be. 

Out of Victoria? It means Installation Issues when buying from Bunnings

  • Keep in mind that Bunnings offers installation services only in Victoria. 

Here at Open’N’Shut Adelaide, we got the best team of professionals and, we are very keen to help people who require roller shutters for their homes or business in Adelaide

If you already have roller shutters supplied and just need help with installation, then we can help too. Our team of expert installers can have them on your windows very quickly.

At Open’N’Shut Perth, we believe no matter what the problem is with your roller shutter we can usually fix it cost-effectively and in no time. 

Better quality roller shutters, better service.

Be money-wise and make the best investment when installing your roller shutters with us. Remember that cheaper is cheaper for a reason.

At Open ‘N’ Shut we are very committed to providing the best roller shutter products for the people of Adelaide at the best prices. Our team of experts consist of the very best roller shutter installers and our roller shutters can be installed on your property in just 7 days!

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of Roller shutters in Adelaide, Roller shutters in Perth, Outdoor Blinds, Security Doors, Plantation Shutters and Sheer Curtains

Get in touch today! We will be glad to take your call or send your details to us via our contact. We will get back to you with an appointment or quote for the work required.