A simple addition can transform an outdoor space. However, in terms of outdoor additions, people tend to limit them to new paint, new décor, and a new patio or pergola. We want you to know that there’s a particularly simpler and cheaper addition you should take advantage of and it is Outdoor Blinds.

Let us walk you through some advantages of installing outdoor blinds.

1. Privacy

If you’re constantly anxious about nosy neighbours and passers-by peeking over the fence, you’ll surely enjoy the privacy offered by outdoor blinds. Available in different materials, which deliver varying levels of privacy for your outdoor space. If you’re thinking of outdoor blinds vs curtains in terms of privacy, the former often surpasses the latter.

Choose a thicker material if you need a higher level of privacy, which can just be winded down to enjoy a fresher atmosphere while knowing that no one can see through with a 99% light block-out rating available.

Max Funding business advisor Shane Perry shares, “Outdoor Blinds are effective in displaying a sense of privacy and security. It is reliable enough to deter unauthorized entries, which make them great investments for a commercial establishment.”

2. Protection from Outdoor Elements

If you’ve spent a fortune to revamp your space, then you certainly want to do everything to extend the lifespan of your investment. By hiring a professional installer of outdoor blinds in Australia, instead of e.g. buying Bunnings outdoor blinds, you’ll be able to select from an array of options offering varying protection levels against outdoor elements, e.g. sun’s harmful rays and rain.

You might be thinking which is better in terms of protection: outdoor blinds vs inside mount blinds? Outdoor blinds also protect the frame, unlike inside mount blinds which typically only cover the opening.

 3. Makes Your Space More Usable

By installing outdoor blinds, you’re maximising the use of your outdoor space. Providing protection from outdoor elements, your family and friends can do more activities in the alfresco, such as dining, cooking, playing games, table tennis and watching TV. You won’t be afraid to put more things out there or to extend outwards.

Outdoor blinds can also help regulate indoor temperature as they cover the glass through which the sunlight passes. Reducing the amount of sunlight that penetrates the windows can convert to substantial energy savings, especially in Australia, where we have warmer months.

4. Doubles as Pest Control

The outdoor environment is home to insects, bugs, and other types of pests. Maintaining an outdoor space can be more challenging if you live in less urbanised areas because there are lots of undisturbed places for pests to live. Take note that some mosquito species in Australia can unintentionally spread diseases to human populations. Additionally, flies can easily contaminate your food by simply touching it. Outdoor blinds can help create a safer environment by serving as a barrier against pests.

5. Improves Aesthetics

Apart from protection, outdoor blinds can also improve your alfresco appearance. When chosen correctly, they can create harmony by tying the other elements together. Fortunately, these devices are available in an extensive range of designs, styles, finishes, and colours. This means you can surely find the perfect match for your home. An experienced outdoor blind installer can guide you in choosing the product that suits your requirements.

 If you’re on a budget or hesitant to put more additions to your already-decorated outdoor space, consider outdoor blinds. These easy-to-install devices offer protection from harsh elements and prying eyes while adding a finishing touch to your outdoor area at an affordable cost.

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