Roller shutter motors, also known as rolling shutter motors or motor rollers, are essential components in the operation of roller shutters and rolling doors. These motors provide the power needed to open and close the shutters automatically.

Tubular motors, which are compact and easy to install, are commonly used for this purpose. In case of malfunction or wear, roller shutter motor replacement is necessary to maintain the smooth functioning of the system.

Selecting the right motor for your roller shutter is crucial, as it depends on factors such as weight capacity and compatibility with your control system.

Below is an overview of the three OZRoll Drive System Battery Motors, along with their respective weight capacities:

  1. OZRoll Drive System T20 Battery Motor: The T20 motor is specifically designed for the Oz Roll Drive System and is compatible with both ODS and E-Series Controllers. With a lifting capacity double that of the L10 motor, it can easily fit into even the smallest headboxes.
  1. OZRoll Drive System T35 Battery Motor: The T35 motor is also compatible with both ODS and E-Series Controllers. Although exact weight capacity information is not available, its higher model number compared to the T20 motor suggests that it is likely suitable for larger roller shutters.
  2. OZRoll Drive System L10 Battery Motor: The L10 motor has a maximum lifting capacity of 16kg, making it ideal for roller shutters with a curtain weight of 4kg per square meter, or up to 4 square meters of shutter.

When choosing a motor, it’s important to consider the weight of your roller shutter and its compatibility with your existing control system.

The L10 motor is suitable for lighter shutters, with a weight of up to 16kg. For heavier shutters, the T20 or T35 motors would be more appropriate choices, depending on specific weight requirements and control system compatibility.

A 12V DC motor is often used in motorized roller shutters due to its efficiency and reliability. These 12V motors are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including automated roller shutters, automatic window shutters, and commercial roller door motors.

Battery-powered DC motors are also available for situations where a constant power source is not available or for added convenience. Electric roller shutters, electric shutter blinds, and electric window shutters all utilise these motors for their operation.

Common manual roller shutter problems and electric roller shutters troubleshooting can arise due to wear, improper installation, or faulty components. In some cases, manual intervention may be required to open or close the shutters, such as using a manual winder or learning how to open electric roller shutters manually.

Industrial roller door motors are designed for heavy-duty applications and are more powerful than residential motors. Motorised roller shutters and motorized shutters are increasingly popular in commercial settings due to their convenience and security features.

Somfy motors are a popular choice for roller shutter systems, with the company offering a range of motors, including the Somfy roller blind motor and Somfy RTS motor, which are available in Australia.

Platinum Motors are a fantastic choice for most motors now on the market. The new motors are versatile and offer the latest in technology to ensure that

In summary, roller shutter motors play a crucial role in the operation of roller shutters and rolling doors. They come in various types and power ratings, catering to different applications, from residential to commercial and industrial settings. Common issues with these motors can often be resolved through troubleshooting or replacement, ensuring that your roller shutters continue to function effectively and securely.

Automated roller shutters, also known as automatic shutters or automatic window shutters, are a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties due to their convenience, security, and energy efficiency. These shutters are operated using electric motors, which can be controlled remotely or through a wall switch, making them easy to open and close without manual effort.

Battery-powered DC motors are often used in automated roller shutters to provide a reliable and efficient power source. These batteries ensure that the shutters continue to function even during power outages, adding an extra layer of security and convenience.

Commercial roller doors are designed for use in commercial and industrial settings, providing security and insulation for large openings such as warehouses, factories, and retail spaces. They are typically more robust and durable than residential roller shutters, with heavy-duty motors to handle the increased weight and usage.

Manual roller shutter problems can arise due to wear and tear, improper installation, or damaged components. Common issues include difficulty in opening or closing the shutters, jamming, or noisy operation. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent and resolve these problems, ensuring the smooth functioning of the shutters.

Electric rollers, electric roller shutters, and electric window shutters are all terms used to describe roller shutters that are powered by electric motors. These shutters offer increased convenience and security compared to manual roller shutters, as they can be operated with the push of a button or through a remote control.

Electric roller shutter troubleshooting involves diagnosing and fixing issues that may arise with the motor, control system, or other components of the shutters. Common problems include unresponsive controls, slow or uneven operation, and excessive noise during operation. In many cases, these issues can be resolved by checking the power supply, cleaning and lubricating the shutter components or resetting the motor.

Electric shutter blinds are a type of window covering that combines the functionality of roller shutters with the aesthetics of blinds. They provide privacy, insulation, and light control while enhancing the appearance of your windows. Like electric roller shutters, electric shutter blinds are also operated using electric motors, making them easy and convenient to use.