Breaking into a roller shutter is something that most criminals, burglars, and thieves would not even consider as the task involves a huge amount of skill, physical effort, patience and timing as well as a certain amount of luck.

Are Roller Shutters Secure?

Roller shutters are generally a very secure and safe measure of protection and are rarely even attempted to be broken into. Most burglars and thieves will be deterred by seeing a roller shutter alone, as roller shutters usually make a lot of noise when opening and closing normally.

Therefore, the noise of a roller shutter being forced open or broken into would be incredibly obvious and would give away the location of the thieves immediately.

Furthermore, the material of most roller shutters is extremely difficult to break through without special tools or equipment.

Can Roller Shutters be Cut?

Attempting to cut through the material of the shutter is another way in which a criminal may try to break into a roller shutter.

This is an extremely difficult way to break in and is very rarely attempted by thieves, burglars, or criminals. Cutting through the aluminium or steel material of a shutter would require the use of a power tool that would usually be extremely loud as well as being awkward for the criminal to use and manoeuvre, and therefore most criminals are immediately deterred from a property when they see a roller shutter.

Alternatively, the criminal may try to simply cut the box on the roller shutter rather than cutting the shutter slats.

This is a more feasible method for the criminal, however it still requires the use of heavy duty tools and may be increasingly difficult depending on the strength of the lock used. Furthermore, cutting the box will also be very loud and should alert anyone in the surrounding area that a break in is in progress.

There are also electrics to consider as the shutters may be hard wired into the home electricity, this could be a problem for a criminal and unnecessary risk.

Are homes with Roller Shutters harder to break into?

Normally criminals will simply take one look at the roller shutter and give up as they know how difficult it will be to break into the property.

In order to break in through a roller shutter, the criminal may first plan out every detail involved, including how they plan to break in, what tools they need to break in, how to ensure they won’t get caught as well as what their next step is if they do make it past the roller shutters.

Preventing break ins from occurring is something that the roller shutter will nearly always do itself, however there are ways in which residents or homeowners can help add security to the roller shutter.

For example, the addition of an alarm in the same area as the roller shutter will be the ultimate deterrent for criminals attempting to break in. If a burglar is attempting to break into a roller shutter and they hear the piercing sound of an alarm in their ear they are guaranteed to give up and leave as quickly as possible.

The installation of a security camera or cameras would also allow the home or property owner to potentially capture an image of the criminal’s face and this would give them the opportunity to contact the police and have the criminal tracked down and punished for attempted break in and robbery.

Furthermore, the knowledge that there is a security camera in place as well as a roller shutter would deter any criminals considering an attempted break into an area.

Ultimately, roller shutters can be broken into, however this is something that almost never happens.

The protection and security provided by a roller shutter will nearly always prevent even the most skilled of burglars from breaking in. The presence alone of a roller shutter will destroy the hopes of a burglar who wished to break in as they will be aware of the difficulty and skill it would take to break in through the roller shutter.

Can you force open a Roller Shutter?

One of the most common ways thieves attempt to break into roller shutters is simply using brute strength to try to force the shutter open. This rarely works and is only possible with roller shutters of lighter materials and weaker strength and cheaper materials.

Furthermore, attempting to force a roller shutter open will be incredibly noisy and will generally alert anyone in the surrounding area of what is happening, most criminally will avoid this method of breaking into a roller shutter as it has a lot of unknown variables that will make the break in much harder than a home without a roller shutter.