Exterior Window Blinds

By exterior window blinds, you could mean Roller Shutters, Security Shutters, or External Plantation Shutters.

What kind of exterior shutters are you after?

What are Roller Shutters/Security Shutters?

Aluminium security shutter style to protect your home, and stop sunlight/heat from entering your home through the windows. Added protection, security benefits, noise and sound control. A very useful addition to any home.

Roller Shutter Benefits

  • Security Stop intruders from entering your property. Roller shutters on the windows reduces the amount of points of entry for a potential law breaker.
  • Light Control & Privacy block out all the light coming through your window. Or wind them up just a little to have full control over how much light comes in. Make use of the natural light or keep it out. You now have full control.
  • Insulation for Summer Months Stopping direct sunlight coming through glass stops the UV light turning into Infra red light, meaning you are stopping heat from the source. No longer will you have huge energy bills for your air conditioning! Your shutter rolled down will stop the source of the summer heat.
  • Insulation for Winter Months Keeping the heat in your home with our foam insulated shutters. Your home will be up to 15 degrees warmer throughout the winter months. A much more cosy and warm home is especially good during these colder months.
  • Storm & Hurricane Protection Having shutters also keeps your windows and interior safer from the worst of storms and hurricanes and anything else the Australian climate has to offer. Protection of your windows and the glass can be very useful to protect, saving hundreds of dollars potentially and reducing danger from high winds.
  • Noise Reduction If you live alongside a busy road that is used all through the day and night then you will likely benefit from external shutters. Noise reuction can be reduced significantly. Especially road noises and dogs barking, loud music etc. There is a huge benefit to reducing the noise outside entering your home.
  • Energy Savings The foam in the shutters keep the heat in during the winter and the sunlight out during the summer. The aluminium shutter will act as a barrier that stops sunlight entering your home through the glass and warming the room up. Energy transfer is almost completely stopped and energy savings from not having to use air conditioning will be huge.
  • Bushfire Protection Bushfires have been awful throughout Australia for many years and decades. Technology on roller shutters has increased that mean materials are made to be more fire resistant and roller shutter on windows can stop the fire coming through the window. Our roller shutters are bushfire tested and regulated.

What are External Plantation Shutters?

Aluminium shutters designed to bring the benefits of the indoors to your outdoor area. Controlling light levels, keeping cool outside and creating a new entertainment area away from bugs, winds and rain.

External Plantation Shutter Benefits


  • Privacy having a more secluded area on your patio or veranhda is hugely beneficial especially if your outside area is overlooked. Having the extra bit of privacy can make a big impact on your outdoor area.
  • Light Control block out all the light coming through your outdoor area. Or close them just a little to control over how much light comes in. You are in control.
  • Stop the worst of the sunlight. On really hot days its nice to have an area that is protected from the sun that is still outside. Combined with a ceiling fan you can make a cool outdoor area that you will want to spend lots of time in.
  • Weather protection keeping the elements out of your outdoor area, whether its heavy rain, windy conditions or hail. Your outdoor plantation shutters are excellent protection from the worst the Australian climate has to offer.
  • Noise Reduction If you live alongside a busy road that is used all through the day and night then you will likely benefit from external plantation shutters. Noise can be reduced with these outdoor shutters, especially when fully closed. Having an extra option when you are outside is always a great benefit to any outdoor area.
  • They look fantastic Your external plantation shutters have a really great appeal and having a cosy area outside with the external plantation shutters will make the dullest of areas much more interesting. Adding extra to a patio area is very common in Australia and whether you choose outdoor blinds, or external plantation shutters you will be pleased with the work that Open n Shut will do for you.