Battery Operated Roller Shutters

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The E-Port Power Pack Controller

Introducing the E-Port Roller Shutter Battery Controller: Enhanced Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness

The E-Port 18650 Roller Shutter Battery Controller is a removable and versatile solution designed to operate more than one roller shutter, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of this innovative system. Available in both Standard and RF controls, the E-Port boasts a large battery capacity of 1,600mAh, making it perfect for managing multiple shutters with ease.

Featuring control circuits, operational switches, and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, the Roller Shutter Battery Controller ensures smooth and efficient operation. Its LED indicators display the controller’s operational characteristics, giving users real-time information on performance and battery life.

To function optimally, the E-Port Roller Shutter Battery Controller works in tandem with the E-Port Wall Plate. This collaboration allows for seamless power transfer from the battery to the motor, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your roller shutters.

Charging the E-Port Control is a breeze, thanks to the new E-Charger (15.580.003). Keep your roller shutters functioning at their best with the reliable and cost-effective E-Port Roller Shutter Battery Controller. Upgrade your roller shutter system today and experience the benefits of this advanced controller.

RF Remote

Experience seamless control of your battery operated roller shutters with the RF Remote, designed to work effortlessly with the E-Solar Pro and the E-Port RF Controller systems. This cutting-edge remote is available in two versions: 1 Channel and 9 Channel.

Both versions of the RF Remote are exclusively compatible with battery operated roller shutters using the RF controller, and will not work with standard controllers.

When programmed, the RF Remote can control one or more roller shutters connected to the RF controller. The 1 Channel version allows for programming a single combination, while the 9 Channel version permits up to 9 different combinations, fully customizable by the user.

To activate the RF Remote, simply pull out the yellow tag from the inside of the remote. The remote will not function until this step is completed.

For additional guidance on programming the remote, consult the instructions provided with each unit. Every unit comes with its own wall plate.

Powered by a long-lasting battery that does not require recharging, the RF Remote ensures a low-maintenance experience. The battery life is estimated to last approximately 2 years, depending on usage.

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